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Pari Perspectives, Issue 6: In Memoriam: David Bohm

Pari Perspectives, Issue 6: In Memoriam: David Bohm

Welcome to the Issue 6, December 2020, of Pari Perspectives: Ideas in Science, the Arts, Spirit and Community.

This is a special anniversary issue commemorating the life and work of David Bohm. It includes the proceedings from the Bohm Centennial Celebration held in Pari in September 2017, plus contributions from some of the presenters at the Infinite Potential summer school organised by the Pari Center this past summer, plus additional essays. A special feature – and one often neglected – is David Bohm’s influence on artists. In the ‘More Perspectives’ section we have chosen ten artists who have illustrated Bohm’s ideas in sculpture, painting, installation art, and photography.

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