Pari Perspectives, Issue 8: Synchronicity

[block_title title=”Pari Perspectives, Issue 8: Synchronicity”][/block_title]Welcome to the Issue 8, June 2021, of Pari Perspectives: Ideas in Science, the Arts, Spirit and Community.

Welcome to Issue 8 of Pari Perspectives. The theme of our June issue is ‘Synchronicity’ and our contributors include many scholars and thinkers in the field of synchronicity among them Roderick Main, Leslie Allan Combs, Richard Berengarten, Remo Roth and F. David Peat. In addition, we welcome new voices who have made important contributions to the study of this phenomenon. Our ‘More Perspectives’ section features two articles on music. 

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Synchronicity and Hermes the Trickster
Leslie Allan Combs

Meaning in Synchronicity
Roderick Main