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Ethics and Economics

Ethics and Economics

Prof. Gianni Tibaldi

There are two points through which we may evaluate the ethics of Corporate, market and business.

First point consider traditional perspective of the application of ethical principles to the economic world.

Following this point the economic world appears an area of reality where to apply general ethical principles as defined by religions or philosophies.

Honesty, reliability, fairness, etc. represent some basic value that must be applied to the corporate and business behaviour.

Another point considers instead Corporate, market and business a specific world that originates and needs specific values.

The ethics of economics don’t means only the application to the business and market behaviour of general ethical values but the definition and application of values specifically determined by the “nature” of economic world.

The virtues and values intimately generated into the economic world are, in fact, professional skills to manage Corporates and business, the capacity of governance of economic bodies as complex and sytemic organizations, effective attitudes to connect success of business, enlargement of markets, growth of Corporates with the sustainable development, civil society integration and promotion of human rights.

These values and virtues must be assured trough advanced training and permanent education that became, beyond of its technical and operational dimension, a basic chapter of the ethics.