May the Force Be Among Us: Exploring our Multiverse with the Help of Star Wars and Others with Jean-François Vézina


October 10, 2021 – Jung defines the Individuation process as an expression of our own originality through collective and universal attraction points called archetypes. But can we imagine that an entire Planet or Universe has his own individuation?  If so, how can we synchronise our personal Universe, with the collective one?

Using the archetypal field of Star Wars Episodes 1-9, Ready Player OneArrival and a surprise movie, Vézina explores how to ‘travel’ through parallel universes or parallel time and extract valuable information about our Individuation.

Jean-François Vézina, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in Quebec and author of six books including Necessary Chances: Synchronicity in the Encounters That Transform Us.  He was president of the Jungian society of Quebec for seven years and the animator and producer of the radio show Projections: Psychology and Cinema about symbols in the movies.

Length: 2 hours

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