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Pari Center,
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on the important things around us.

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World Premiere of Infinite Potential: the Life and Ideas of David Bohm (Director's Cut)
Saturday July 11 at 9:00am PDT | 12:00pm EDT | 6:00pm CEST

David Peat’s long-term dream was to produce a documentary on his colleague and friend David Bohm. With the support of the Fetzer Foundation, director Paul Howard and Imagine Films, and the Pari Center community, this dream has been realized. Pari was the birthplace of the film, and many of the interviewees were filmed here in the village.

The Director’s cut features exclusive interviews with luminaries such as H.H. Dalai Lama, Basil Hiley, Sir Antony Gormley, Sir Roger Penrose, Yakir Aharonov and Leroy Little Bear among others. These are in-depth explorations of David Bohm’s ideas and philosophy. Original animations are curated by physicist Chris Dewdney.
This exclusive, 2-hour long version of the documentary will be live streamed free of charge via YouTube and other platforms.

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Panel Discussion And Live Q&A

Following the film, we invite you to join us for a panel discussion and live Q&A with the director and key interviewees from the film.

David Lorimer
Program Director of Scientific and Medical Network
Editor, Paradigm Explorer

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Paul Howard,
 Director and Producer
Basil Hiley, Quantum Physicist and Professor Emeritus, University of London, UK
Leroy Little Bear, Blackfoot Native, Professor Emeritus University of Lethbridge, Canada
Lee Nichol, Editor and Educator

Infinite Potential Online Summer Series

Most of the people interviewed in the film will be lecturing live as part of our Online Summer Series. Through their intimate knowledge of David Bohm, we will examine the many facets of the late philosopher scientist’s life and work—physics, philosophy, wholeness, implicate and explicate orders, holomovement, consciousness, dialogue, language and the rheomode, interaction with the Blackfoot, his relationship and dialogues with J. Krisnamurti. Two-hour sessions  every Saturday and Sunday, July 12–August 23 at 18:00 (CEST).

In celebration of the release of Infinite Potential: The Life and Ideas of David Bohm, we would like to offer an unprecedented Online Summer Series, featuring presentations given by the interviewees in the movie. This six week long series has been the result of collaboration between the Pari Center and Imagine Films, to expand and promulgate the ideas of David Bohm in an accessible yet challenging way. In each session the participant will be able to ask questions to leading academics on the topics, ranging from Quantum physics, Dialogue and Spirituality with a Holistic approach, following in the spirit of David Bohm.

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Join us in this quest to learn about the many facets of Bohm’s Infinite Potential from his most knowledgeable scholars

Our story

The Pari Center was created 20 years ago by the late F. David Peat and Maureen Doolan as congenial location where people can think, learn, meet together, all the while enjoying the surrounding environment and helping the local community. 

The legacy of Gentle Action

Today, Pari Center is a peaceful haven offering a place to pause and reflect on the important things around us. It connects people who feel a special connection to Pari—to its community living a traditional rural life and continuing the work of David Peat with people across the world and in the local community.

Pari Center works with people, organizations, and entrepreneurs, along with the people of Pari to provide an experience that helps foster the interconnectedness of nature, people and cultures. It offers the perfect location and facilities  for those who are looking for a more holistic way of living, working and/or doing business.

“Gentle action can lead to miracle outcomes.”

Who we are today

We are group of people who feel a special connection to Pari—to its community living a traditional rural life and continuing the work of David Peat. Inspired by David Bohm’s ideas about quantum physics, philosophy and his approach to dialogue, we are open to people from across the world who share our interests and wish to connect with the local community.

Pari Center’s board of directors is comprised of people who share a deep interest in the legacy of David Peat as well as David Bohm, in Pari as the vessel where an ever-growing community of supporters meet, share and transform.

Through our network, we aim to create a network of people and associations working together as a network. 

Here in Pari, our international Network and the village people come together:

  • to tell our stories
  • to share knowledge and learn from each other
  • to ask questions—questions open a door; questions create energy
  • to talk on a human, personal level—not simply to indulge in abstract ideas
  • to be part of an ongoing conversation across disciplines and cultures
  • to encourage creativity that lies in revisiting the past and renewing and recreating for the present and future
  • to develop new ways of living, working and organizing that contribute to social justice, ecological integrity and improved quality of life for all

We believe that all participants in the Pari Networks bring something of great value. All are worthy of respect. All contribute. If you or your group are seeking new challenges and directions, if you wish to explore new ways of being, if you are eager to be part of a like-minded community and form new relationships and partnerships, then we invite you to join us, the Pari Networks, an oasis of hope in a turbulent world.