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“The future has an ancient heart”

Fostering an interdisciplinary approach linking Science, the Arts and the Sacred

About the Pari Center

The Pari Center provides a space where people can gather together, to learn from one another, to discuss, to reflect, to work on a project and, most importantly, to meet and talk with others at the human and personal level.

A modern Center with ancient roots

Housed in a medieval village, it is the ideal location to pause and think about the future and the values, meaning, and direction of contemporary society.

All-year round courses and events

Residential conferences, courses, workshops and seminars. We also host regular webinars that investigate different topics in depth.

A valuable source of knowledge

From the philosophy and work of David Bohm to the ideas of C.G. Jung, the contribution of Indigenous knowledge, and David Peat’s Gentle Action.

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This is Pari, our home

A medieval village set in the heart of Tuscany, surrounded by gentle hills, and rich in values and history. F. David Peat saw Pari as a vessel and a safe haven, where there is “something of great value that could be carried into our common future.”

Pari Center events

All-year round we organize a large number of events, like conferences, courses, workshops, and seminars, both hosted directly in Pari and online.

Upcoming events

Poster for Beyond Bohm 2024 - Pari Center

By taking out a membership at a cost of €30 for 12 months, you will be allowing our not-for-profit organization to continue with its established projects and start new ventures.

All members of the Pari Center will receive the Pari Perspectives journal free of charge. In addition, those who have purchased a membership will receive a discount on any events they may choose to attend at the Pari Center within the year.

Holoflux: Codex

Cover for Holoflux: Codex

Physicist and philosopher David Bohm used the term holoflux (alternately holomovement) as the metaphysical foundation for his well-known vision of the ‘implicate order.’ By holoflux, Bohm was pointing to an underlying movement of vast scale, which gives rise to all of existence, both seen and unseen.

Beginning in 2020, a group of 30 people began a sustained inquiry into the real-life implications of this vision, clustered around a few core questions: Is there some actuality behind the word ‘holoflux’? If so, what does it look like? What does it feel like? What is a human being’s relationship to such a primordial phenomenon? Can we gain direct experience of it, actively participate in its movement?

Holoflux: Codex is a collection of artistic impressions and philosophical reflections arising from this two-year experiment that explores the states of consciousness that arise when ‘entering Bohm’s holoflux.’ It is the work of six individuals who shared their insights and experiences as the experiment unfolded.

280 pages, full color, sewn binding.  $19.95

Entering Bohm’s Holoflux

By Lee Nichol

Cover for Lee Nichol's Entering Bohm’s Holoflux

Download the beautifully illustrated book by Lee Nichol – Entering Bohm’s Holoflux, which documents the highlights of a 15-part video series sponsored by the Pari Center.

Bohm’s vision for dialogue is crystal clear—he speaks of three aspects of human experience—the individual, the collective, and the cosmic. Entering Bohm’s Holoflux addresses the full spectrum of David Bohm’s work with dialogue, with emphasis on the individual and cosmic aspects, which are often neglected in many presentations of Bohm’s work. Lee Nichol’s Entering Bohm’s Holoflux explores portions of a forty-year inquiry into ‘individual’ work, as well as more recent probings into what Bohm might have been indicating by the ‘cosmic’ dimension of the human being.

It is offered free, in the spirit of furthering true inquiry into the nature of human being.

Pari Perspectives, the Pari Center's journal

Pari Perspectives, our quarterly journal, is a forum for ideas and opinions. Each issue is centered around a theme and includes essays in Science, the Arts, Spirit, and Community. Our contributors range from scholars and those eminent in their fields to newer, younger writers and artists. The journal is free to all Friends of the Pari Center.

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  • Anomalous Experiences
  • Return of the Sacred
  • Recovering the Sacred
  • Consciousness Revisited
  • Love in a Time of Crisis
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