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The Pari Center was created 20 years ago by the late F. David Peat and Maureen Doolan as congenial location where people can think, learn, meet together, all the while enjoying the surrounding environment and helping the local community. 

We provide opportunities for continued learning by organizing residential conferences, seminars and workshops facilitated by a faculty committed to excellence and creativity. We aim to advance the integration of knowledge, the arts, science, ethical values, community and spirituality within the ambience of a medieval village

We specialize in promoting the work of David Bohm and C.G. Jung and building on David Peat’s respect for Indigenous Knowledge and his concept of Gentle Action.

Upcoming Events

Free Book: Entering Bohm’s Holoflux by Lee Nichol

Download the beautifully illustrated book by Lee Nichol – Entering Bohm’s Holoflux, which documents the highlights of a 15-part video series sponsored by the Pari Center.

Bohm’s vision for dialogue is crystal clear—he speaks of three aspects of human experience—the individual, the collective, and the cosmic. Entering Bohm’s Holoflux addresses the full spectrum of David Bohm’s work with dialogue, with emphasis on the individual and cosmic aspects, which are often neglected in many presentations of Bohm’s work. Lee Nichol’s Entering Bohm’s Holoflux explores portions of a forty-year inquiry into ‘individual’ work, as well as more recent probings into what Bohm might have been indicating by the ‘cosmic’ dimension of the human being.

It is offered free, in the spirit of furthering true inquiry into the nature of human being.


Flickering Reality

What do Films and Television say about our world? What ideas can be examined through the moving image? From Science Fiction, to Comedy, Drama and Documentaries, the Seventh Art has been a mirror of our society, from the stories they portray to the method in which they’ve been produced, a mirror that is sometimes difficult to understand.

This monthly series will reveal the message behind different Films and TV Series, exploring the themes through the lens of physics, psychology, philosophy and sociology. Each session will have a guest speaker who will analyse these themes, which will then be discussed with our community, and lead us to a better understanding of film and reveal the deeper truths of our world.


Pari Perspectives

Pari Perspectives, our quarterly journal, is a forum for ideas and opinions. Each issue is centered around a theme and includes essays in Science, the Arts, Spirit, and Community. Our contributors range from scholars and those eminent in their fields to newer, younger writers and artists. The journal is free to all Friends of the Pari Center. For more information and for our guidelines please contact us at pariperspectives@paricenter.com

Pari Center’s board of directors is comprised of people who share a deep interest in the legacy of David Peat as well as David Bohm, in Pari as the vessel where an ever-growing community of supporters meet, share and transform.