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The Pari Center was created 20 years ago by the late F. David Peat and Maureen Doolan as congenial location where people can think, learn, meet together, all the while enjoying the surrounding environment and helping the local community. 

We provide opportunities for continued learning by organizing residential conferences, seminars and workshops facilitated by a faculty committed to excellence and creativity. We aim to advance the integration of knowledge, the arts, science, ethical values, community and spirituality within the ambience of a medieval village

We specialize in promoting the work of David Bohm and C.G. Jung and building on David Peat’s respect for Indigenous Knowledge and his concept of Gentle Action.

Upcoming Events

Beyond Bohm 2022: Imagination Creativity, Dialogue

with over 20 guests

July 9 – 24, 2022 – 9:00 PDT | 12:00 EDT | 17:00 BST  |  18:00 CEST

6 Two-hour sessions, Saturdays and Sundays – All sessions are live and you will be sent the RECORDING.

In this second year of our Beyond Bohm series, we will emphasize three themes–one for each of three weekends in July.

Imagination: How might we enter it? How might we inhabit it? We will inquire into how David Bohm worked with imagination, while improvising upon and extending Bohm’s approach and we will explore Tim Ingold’s radical anthropology and his new book, Imagining for Real, while touching upon some of the linkages with Bohm’s “participatory consciousness.”

Creativity and the artistic process: We will engage with the work of four different artists, and the way this work complements and illuminates the work of David Bohm. Themes will include wholeness and fragmentation, the artistic movement from implicate to explicate, the nature of perception, and the relation of consciousness to the “art object.”

Dialogue: Our roundtable will open up the many questions and concerns regarding the shift from ‘in person” dialogue to on-line dialogue during the time of Covid-19. and we will have our second annual Indigenous Dialogue, facilitated by Leroy Little Bear. This year’s theme is “Walk in Beauty,” and will consider various approaches to ecology, the environment, and the Anthropocene”–the time of the new human.


The Enchanted Universe - August 29 - September 5, in Pari, Italy

with Jessica Ball, Bernard Carr, Patrick Curry, Alex Gomez-Marin, Ruth Kastner, Alison MacLeod, Hester Reeve. Chaired by Shantena Sabbadini

While technology is occupying an ever growing place in our modern world and the predominance of abstraction gets us farther and farther removed from the living world, an increasing longing is developing for a return to our roots in nature, to the enchantment and awe of existence, to the fantastic realms of imagination, to the symbolic richness of myth and fairytale.

We are meaning-making creatures, we are explorers and adventurers of the symbolic dimension. We feel that our life is worth living only when our experiences speak to us, when we live in conversation with the mystery, when we commune with it.

Come join us in this journey through the forests of imagination, reclaiming a territory we once roamed, recovering the soul of the world.


Free Book: Entering Bohm’s Holoflux by Lee Nichol

Download the beautifully illustrated book by Lee Nichol – Entering Bohm’s Holoflux, which documents the highlights of a 15-part video series sponsored by the Pari Center.

Bohm’s vision for dialogue is crystal clear—he speaks of three aspects of human experience—the individual, the collective, and the cosmic. Entering Bohm’s Holoflux addresses the full spectrum of David Bohm’s work with dialogue, with emphasis on the individual and cosmic aspects, which are often neglected in many presentations of Bohm’s work. Lee Nichol’s Entering Bohm’s Holoflux explores portions of a forty-year inquiry into ‘individual’ work, as well as more recent probings into what Bohm might have been indicating by the ‘cosmic’ dimension of the human being.

It is offered free, in the spirit of furthering true inquiry into the nature of human being.


The Future Scientist - A Conversation Series

A monthly virtual encounter to understand where science is going and to reimage where we hope it might go.

In this series of online events we seek to reflect on what ‘the future scientist’ may look like. This is an ambitious exercise indeed, which goes beyond mere theoretical speculation. It is not unlikely that sooner than we think, current science will be unrecognizable to most of us. The consequences for humanity writ large, not just for scientists themselves, are pressing.

The question at stake is whether by ‘future scientist’ we mean what scientists in the future are all likely to look like, or what a future better scientist might look like. In our conversations we will engage more in prescribing than in predicting, that is, we might begin by describing where science is going (prediction) to then describe where we hope science might go (prescription). Attempting the art of ‘dia-logos,’ we hope to express a creative voice that will enlighten the way of a new science in the twenty-first century.

The series will be direct conversations, that is, no formal presentation of the invited speaker but a kind of ‘thinking aloud’ in the mode of a dialogue. The invited speakers to The Future Scientist series are chosen not just as great interlocutors to discuss these issues, but also as exemplars and hints of what ‘the future scientist’ may actually look like here and now.


Pari Perspectives

Pari Perspectives, our quarterly journal, is a forum for ideas and opinions. Each issue is centered around a theme and includes essays in Science, the Arts, Spirit, and Community. Our contributors range from scholars and those eminent in their fields to newer, younger writers and artists. The journal is free to all Friends of the Pari Center. For more information and for our guidelines please contact us at pariperspectives@paricenter.com

Pari Center’s board of directors is comprised of people who share a deep interest in the legacy of David Peat as well as David Bohm, in Pari as the vessel where an ever-growing community of supporters meet, share and transform.