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What We Do

What We Do

We are people who get together in a beautiful setting to ask questions and explore ideas. We feel a special connection to Pari—to its community living a traditional rural life and to continuing the work that the late David Peat began here in the year 2000. It’s a congenial location where people can think, learn, meet and talk, all the while enjoying the beauty and tranquility of a medieval village and its environs, and helping to support the economy of the local community.

The Pari Center is dedicated to learning and research. It fosters an interdisciplinary approach linking science, the arts, ethics, community, the role of Indigenous knowledge and the place of the sacred. Above all the Pari Center is dedicated to the principle of ‘the spirit of place.’

The Center carries out its mission by

  • Continuing in the tradition and spirit of David Peat’s ideas and ideals
  • Focusing on the philosophy and work of David Bohm, the ideas of C.G. Jung, the contribution of Indigenous knowledge, and the Gentle Action approach of David Peat
  • Organizing and hosting residential conferences, courses, workshops and seminars
  • Hosting regular webinars that investigate topics in depth
  • Hosting monthly ‘Community Calls’ open to everyone
  • Providing a creative environment for artists, writers, dancers, musicians, environmentalists, scientists, philosophers, psychologists and other thinkers to work together to explore new ideas and/or to work independently on their own projects within the supportive environment of the Pari community.
  • Networking, exchanging information and promoting debate and dialogue via Sutra
  • Publishing a quarterly journal Pari Perspectives to give scholars and members of our community an opportunity share their work and to air their views. forum for the ideas and ideals to which the Center is dedicated, and is a valuable addition to the extensive library he built on the Pari Center website.
  • Expanding our online library of occasional papers and research reports