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The Pari Center Library

Welcome to the Pari Center library. The essays and papers made available here are free to everyone in the spirit of the gift economy and the free flow of information. If you wish to republish our articles, online or in print, please check with us first to make sure we hold the copyright.

All of F. David Peat’s essays are freely available without the need for permission. If you wish to re-publish, please do not edit the piece, ensure that you attribute the author, and mention that the article was originally published on the Pari Center website.

We are in the process of transferring the Library content from the old PCNL website. When complete, the Library will contain Essays and Papers, Audio and Video clips, Book Reviews and Suggested Reading Lists and an archive of the Pari Center Newsletters. Topics will range from ethics, economics, new science, religion, philosophy, creativity, education and general cultural issues. A series of audio clips will be available taken from historic interviews with leading scientists including Heisenberg, Dirac, Rosenfeld, Uhlenbeck, Prigogine, Bohm, Wheeler, Salam and Penrose. Video clips will include discussions on David Bohm, Cezanne and the Implicate Order. Blackfoot language and the Newtonian world view. Non-locality and the EPR paradox. The Interpretation of Quantum Theory.

Pari Perspectives: Articles

Essays and Papers

This section of the library contains a wide variety of essays and papers.

David Bohm

Biographical, Quantum Physics, Active Information, Creativity, Dialogue, Language

C.G. Jung

Synchronicity, Archetypes, Pauli, Problem of Evil


Dualism, Matter and Mind, Karl Pribram, Synchronicity


Art and Consciousness, David Bohm and Creativity, Cinema, Gentle Action and Creative Suspension, Interviews with Artists and Composers, Cézanne, Creativity in Art vs Science

Ethics Business and the Future

Background papers to the Pari Roundtable, September 2009

Chaos Theory and its Applications

Non-linear systems, chaos theory, post modernism, gentle action

Metanexus Local Initiatives Program

Reports on a variety of discussions and talks dealing with the relationship between religion and science and funded by the Metanexus Institute

Economics, Ethics and Globalization

Changing economic paradigms, globalization, diplomacy, the welfare state, philantropy, sustainability, liberalism and neo-liberalism, development

Culture, Philosophy and Science

Education, gentle action, music, philosophy, creativity, development, art and science



Science and Religion

Dialogue between religions, creation of the cosmos, religion and peace, Pauli, Faraday and Pasteur

Education and the Internet

Education, Digital publishing, Global Universities, Future of the Universities, Use of the Internet, Copyright and Copyleft

The Pari Network on Ethical Considerations in Economics, Business,  Society and the Environment