Residential Programme

Our residential programme provides an opportunity for scholars, researchers and others to spend extended periods in Pari. Within a creative environment, we provide workspace, a gathering place, and arrange accommodation for artists, writers, dancers, musicians, photographers, scientists, philosophers, psychologists, environmentalists, etc. who would like to meet informally for an exchange of ideas, to work independently, or simply to take the time to reflect.

There will be an opportunity at the end of your residency to display your work.

Those who are accepted as part of the Pari Center’s residential programme are free to explore new ideas with others and/or to work independently on their own projects within the supportive environment of the Pari community.

The Pari Center arranges workspace and meetings rooms in the palazzo which houses a small but well-stocked library. Residents are encouraged to become part of the village community and to take advantage of the natural environment with such activities as walking or cycling. In season they could also take part in the grape harvesting or olive picking.


The Pari Center will consider young people for an Internship by offering the experience of working on our ongoing projects such as helping to set up the F. David Peat archives, being part of our editorial team on the quarterly journal Pari Perspectives, transcribing our collection of audio and video tapes, and helping in the day-to-day running of the Center.