Our Journal

Pari Perspectives: Ideas in Science, the Arts, Spirit and Community is a journal published three times a year in January, May and October by The Pari Center.

Our focus is on the subjects that we explore at the Pari Center: science, religion, spirituality, society, psychology language, and the arts.

Pari Perspectives will continue in the tradition and spirit of David Peat’s vision as a forum for the ideas and ideals to which the Center is dedicated, and will be a valuable addition to the extensive library he built on the Pari Center website. 

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Kristina Aleksandra Janavicius, Maureen Doolan

Editorial Board
Eleanor Peat, James Peat Barbieri, Genny Rabazzi

Design and Layout
Andrea Barbieri

Past issues

  • Anomalous Experiences
  • Return of the Sacred
  • Recovering the Sacred
  • Consciousness Revisited
  • Love in a Time of Crisis
  • Mythologies
  • Creativity
  • Consciousness
  • Dualities
  • Synchronicity
  • The Common Good
  • Bohm Centennial Celebration
  • The Pari Center 20th Anniversary Issue
  • Language Matters
  • Our Changing World
  • The Quest for Wholeness
  • Re-Enchanting the World