Brain Seed: Planting the Mind in the Non-Human Universe

This is an excerpt from one of the presentations featured in the Pari Center’s event The Enchanted Universe, in Pari from August 29 to September 5, 2022.

with Hester Reeve

David Bohm once commented: Why does the individual first identify with the body rather than with the universe? For me, this insightful yet somehow humble provocation opens up the opportunity to re-wild the brain and with this the re-enchantment of the mind-body within the unfathomable infinity of all that is (and all that ‘isn’t’). Might not the mind-body and the brain itself have emotional or feeling-based needs that we continually fail to recognise and which can only be fulfilled by such a re-identification of ourselves within the larger context of existence/the universe?

Brain Seed: Planting the Mind in the Non-Human Universe will be a speculative adventure explored through practices of art, practices of philosophy and the ideas of David Bohm. Images will be given space to dig the ground up but language will inevitably be called upon as a fertilizer (but this will be language cultivated to tremble at the root of its origin).

Hester Reeve’s practice encompasses live art, philosophy, drawing, David Bohm’s ‘Dialogue’ and social sculpture.

She is interested in the relationship between critical thinking and human agency in everyday life, particularly when it is risked through the figure of ‘the artist’ (where what constitutes an artist is broadly conceived and not exclusive to art school training).

Recent public works have been staged at Tanzquartier, Vienna, Tate Britain (working under the umbrella of The Emily Davison Lodge with Olivia Plender) and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Hester Reeve is Reader in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University.