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Gary E. Schwartz

Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., is professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry and surgery at the University of Arizona, and Director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health (www.lach.arizona.edu). He received his PhD from Harvard University, and was a tenured professor of psychology and psychiatry at Yale University. He served as the founding President of the Academy for the Advancement of Post-Materialist Sciences. Schwartz has published more than 500 scientific articles and chapters, including six in the journal Science. His research has been funded by NSF, NIH, NIMH, NCCAM, DARPA, private foundations and donors. Schwartz has co-edited more than a dozen academic volumes and authored more than a dozen books for the general public including The Afterlife Experiments, The G.O.D. Experiments, and The Energy Healing Experiments. 

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