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Geraldine Patrick Encina

Geraldine Ann Patrick Encina (Mapuche Descent) has been a founding member of the Biocultural Heritage Network of Mexico since 2008, is founder and executive director of Earth Timekeepers since 2016, member of several pre-Columbian societies since 2015 and member of the Inter-American Society of Cultural Astronomy since 2013.

She has been a professor at the Intercultural University of the State of Mexico for courses on Ethnoecology and Biocultural Ethics (2007-2010), and at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Unidad Lerma (2012-2015) for Interdisciplinary Studies, Complex Systems and Mesoamerican Calendars.

 Her research focuses on the ancestral and current ways of conceiving time and natural cycles in Mesoamerica, especially among the Maya, Otomian and Mexica cultures, and since 2016 she has started study groups in four communities in Mexico and Guatemala with teachers, university students and organized farmers and women interested in revitalizing their culture and traditional ways of living with the land. Among her publications are “Biocultural Sacred Sites in Mexico” in the book Indigeneity and the Sacred, article Long Count in Function of the Haab and its Venus-Moon Relation. Application in Chichén Itzá and article Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent. Its Relation to Evening Venus, Rains, and the closing of 13 Bak’tun.

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