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Jane Clark

Jane Clark is a teacher and independent researcher who lives in Oxford. She has been studying the Islamic mystical tradition for more than forty years and has given many lectures and courses both in the UK and internationally for organisations such as The Beshara Trust, Oxford University Department for Continuous Education and Temenos Academy. She is a Senior Research Fellow of the Muhyiddin Ibn ʿArabi Society, and also the editor of Beshara Magazine, in which capacity she is able to pursue her particular interest in the relevance of the spiritual traditions to contemporary life. Jane originally studied science, and first came across David Bohm’s ideas during her PhD studies when she was working on  magnetism. She went on to do a series of dialogues with him in London in the 1980s/90s, and interviewed him for Beshara Magazine https://besharamagazine.org/metaphysics-spirituality/david-bohm-wholeness-timelessness-and-unfolding-meaning/. She also did a piece on Infinite Potential with Paul Howard https://besharamagazine.org/metaphysics-spirituality/david-bohm-infinite-potential-paul-howard/

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