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Paco Calvo

Paco Calvo (PhD, University of Glasgow, 2000) is a Professor of Philosophy of Science, and Principal Investigator of the MinimalIntelligence Laboratory (MINTLab) at the University of Murcia (Spain).

His research interests range broadly within the cognitive sciences, with special emphasis on plant intelligence, ecological psychology and embodied cognitive science, robotics and AI.

He uses time-lapse photography to explore perception-action and learning in plants. His scientific articles have appeared in Annals of BotanyBiochemical and Biophysical Research CommunicationsFrontiers in NeuroroboticsFrontiers in Robotics and AIJournal of the Royal SocietyPlant, Cell & EnvironmentPlant Signaling & BehaviorScientific Reports, and Trends in Plant Science, among other journals. He is co-author with Natalie Lawrence of Planta Sapiens (Little, Brown (UK); Norton (US)).

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