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Pam Harris

Pam Harris is a contemporary abstract painter with a special interest in the nature of our existence and its intrinsic connectedness to the universe.  Philosophy, poetry, and science – particularly quantum physics – inform her explorations. She has exhibited in France, the Netherlands, and Italy and her work is held in many private and corporate collections, including the Irish State Collection. 

It has been remarked of Pam’s work, “In the anti-intellectual climate of today, it is refreshing to find an artist who is not afraid to ask the big questions and give them some form of visual reality through painting. Although seeing has been the privileged sense in Western aesthetics, Harris’ art brings the rationalism usually associated with scientific and philosophical concepts into direct contact with aesthetics, the intuitive and deeply emotional.

…Her achievement is to produce paintings that are not only visually compelling using the minimal means of line and colour, but that she also manages to convey the fragility of existence in the Heraclitean flux.”

(Extract from “Enfolded” by Brenda Moore-McCann,  Art Historian, Dublin 2008.  From the catalogue “Enfolded”).

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