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Petteri Limnell

Petteri Limnell lives in Pori, Finland. He was awarded his Master’s in philosophy in 2008, from the University of Tampere, Finland. The subject of his thesis was about the moment NOW—the ‘Analysis of the present Moment from the Perspectives of Physics, Metaphysics and Consciousness Studies.’ His BA thesis was about creativity: ‘Paul Feyerabend’sFarewell to Personal Creativity.’  Limnell teaches two ongoing courses at the Pori municipality Center, and has worked as a consultant, teacher, tutor and in-house philosopher at the Pori Art Museum. He also works for the Critical College of Finland and runs the Satakunta Critical College in Pori. I have been President of the Pori Philosophical Society for 11 years, since the very beginning. His main interests in philosophy relate to three of Popper’s ‘emergent’ worlds. Why and how do the universe, life and human beings and consciousness exist? It all ultimately culminates in Kant’s three questions: ‘What can I know?,’ ‘What should I do?,’ and ‘What can I hope for?’

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