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Remo Roth

Remo F. Roth, was born in 1943 and lives in Zurich, Switzerland. He is a researcher in the field of psychophysical reality (W. Pauli) or unus mundus (C.G. Jung), the magical unified world of Hermetic alchemy, Daoism and Tantrism that is behind, or even beyond, the split into the outer world of physics and the inner world of Jung’s depth psychology. Roth was a former student and collaborator of Marie-Louise von Franz. Today he is working as an interpreter of synchronicity and archetypal dreams, and as a healing practitioner.

With Pari Publishing he published three books on this subject; see http://www.paripublishing.com/authors/remo-f-roth/

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Synchronicity, Mind and Matter

February 13, 2021