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Renée Rolle-Whatley

Renée Rolle-Whatley, Ph.D. takes a two-prong approach to health and wellness: as a practitioner-clinician, she provides intuitive guidance and evidence-based energetic-and integrative-modality supports for clients seeking mind-body-spirit healing and health care around chronic and/or long-term physical and emotional health challenges.  As a scholar she is focused on revealing the theoretical concepts and behavioral processes between physical and non-physical vibratory experiences of love through study of the lived experiences of parents that actively parent.  Her original published research presented relational loyalty as an underlying process adopted by parents towards individuated growth in self-acceptance and self-awareness. She has a BS & MS in Engineering and PHD in Mind-Body medicine. With her sister, her current work explores the intersection of self-awareness and self-acceptance as revealed thru the impact of non-judgmental compassion.

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May 7, 2022