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Richard Berengarten

RICHARD BERENGARTEN is an English and European poet whose work and thought are strongly influenced by C. G, Jung. Richard is a Bye-Fellow of Downing College, Cambridge, and a Fellow of the English Asso- ciation. His works include Tree (1980), Keys to Transformation (1981), Black Light (1983), Croft Woods (1999), The Manager (2001), The Balkan Trilogy (2005-2007), Imagems 1 (2011), Manual (2013), Notness (2015), and the multilingual web-based Volta Project (2009) and Albero Project (2017). His book Changing (2016) is an original and articulate poetic homage to the I Ching. In the 1970s, he founded the now legendary internation- al Cambridge Poetry Festival. A dedicated internationalist, his poems have been trans- lated into more than 90 languages. He has lived in Italy, Greece, the USA, and former Yugoslavia, and has worked extensively in Eastern Europe. Recently he has made frequent trips to China. He is married to Jungian analyst Melanie Rein.

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