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Weekend Among Friends: Small Changes Making Big Differences

May 7, 2020 - May 10, 2020

A Tribute to the Era of the Amateur

What if amateurs hold the key to renewal and the transition towards living well together in harmony with the Earth? What if it’s not the professional, the expert, the one who knows, oversees and is in power, who is able to make this change?

Starting from the point of Not Knowing might actually be a much better position from which to rethink our economy, our way of producing and sharing the things we need in life. Already new technology is enabling us to produce things by ourselves on a very small scale and close to home. We already design and produce our own books, magazines, wedding invitations and so forth, and are able to 3D print small spare parts to repair household appliances and computers. In fact, in the not-so-far distant future, we might be able to reshape all the things that we need using the same materials over and over again.

Internet platforms allow us to provide services to each other such as loans, knowledge exchange and care without the need of intermediaries or institutions.

And changing the economy on a larger scale might also benefit from amateurism. Acknowledging our Not 

Knowing allows us to look at things differently, opens us up to other perspectives, and makes us reach out to others to help and co-create.

In a world that highly values professionalism it is a challenge to embrace our amateurism. But, if we do so, we might be able to reclaim our agency over the economy, politics, culture and society. We would be able to make a living and create a good life for all and no longer have to outsource to the professional. 

In this Weekend Among Friends we explore what an era of amateurs could be like and what difference it would make if we all step into this mentality of beginners. What could this be like? How could this change our ways of living, working and becoming together, our economy or environment? How could it influence our relationships and ways of cooperating and our concept of power and being in charge?

This year we will have two special guests: 

Arne Hendriks, artist and performer who, together with Godelieve, will give a performance on shamans and amateurs.

Devon Reid, artist and Municipal Councillor in Ville de Candiac, Quebec Canada who will ….

We would like to welcome you to the beautiful medieval village of Pari, Italy, May 7-10, 2020, to join us for the weekend and to meet with old and new friends. The landscape and community, the Pari Center and Pari Networks all represent a container in which everyone is invited to have good conversations and to enjoy the company of our Pari friends, the excellent Italian food and wine, and of course the Tuscan sun and culture.

Practical information

Costs are 195 euros per day/per participant, which covers meals, accommodation, activities and lectures (585 euros per participant in total for 3 days). 

The weekend starts on Thursday May 7 at 4 pm and ends on Sunday May 10 after lunch. 


Pari, its community and the Pari Center have a special place in my heart. The landscape and the community represent a sphere in which I feel invited to explore art, literature, science, indigenous knowledge, culture, music and poetry as means to denote, understand, reflect and renew ourselves and the world we are part of. At the same time the village serves as a place to come to rest, to listen to the silence, to nature and to celebrate a holiday.

Weekend Among Friends was born out of my longing to share this experience with friends. The weekend has become an annual event at the crossover of the good life and good conversations in a beautiful and wise environment. Dialogues pay tribute to an idea or people that might generate reflection and renewal on the personal and community level. 

The overarching idea: small changes making big differences towards a socially, economically and ecologically just future. Thinking, doing and imagining are equally important. Participants are the co-creators of the weekend. Their wisdom, experiences and expressions form the base of our exploration, rethinking and creation.

I introduce the theme of the year and from there the group as a whole takes it further. No specified program, just joint dedication to explore what can become. A special guest brings another perspective to the table and this invites other lines of thoughts.

The weekend unfolds along dialogues, joint meals, hikes, music, dance, meditation, making/experiencing art and/or other means of exchange as they appear, depending on who the participants are and what they share. 

Godelieve Spaas 

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May 7, 2020
May 10, 2020


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