Genny Rabazzi

Genny graduated in Literature and Philosophy at the University of Siena in 2013, and completed her Master’s thesis in contemporary history in 2017. She is also a qualified teacher specializing in teaching children with learning difficulties. In 2015, Genny started collaborating with Eleanor and the Peat family in the organization of events at the Pari Center acting, not just as a co-organizer of events, but also as a liaison bringing together the Pari Networks and Pari Center with the village associations and local government.

As a local person, she feels proud that a small village like Pari is the place where such important cultural events are taking place. Her hope is that Pari will always be an open and welcoming place to new people from all over the world. Genny will continue in her role as liaison between the Pari Center, the village and the comune, and as co-administrator, along with Eleanor, of events at the Pari Center. She is also the local representative on the editorial board of the Center’s journal, Pari Perspectives, which will include a local story in each issue.