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  • Pari Perspectives

    Pari Perspectives

    This is a list of articles taken from the published issues of Pari Perspectives. To read more, subscribe and support this initiative:

  • Indigenous Ways of Knowing

    Indigenous Ways of Knowing

    See also: Our Focus > Indigenous Ways of Knowing Western Science is certainly one of the great stories of human intellectual achievement and its offshoots are represented by many spectacular […]

  • Science and the Sacred

    Science and the Sacred

    Though science and religion may have had a thorny history, nevertheless science has retained a sense of the sacred, seen in the work of many modern scientists such as Einstein, […]

  • Science and the Arts

    Science and the Arts

    “Science begins with the world we have to live in, accepting its data and trying to explain its laws. From there, it moves towards the imagination: it becomes a mental […]

  • Ethics and Security

    Ethics and Security

    The crisis of civilization, which we face today, has been produced by the rapidity with which science and technology have developed. Our institutions and ideas adjust too slowly to the […]

  • Ethics and Economics 

    Ethics and Economics 

    Complementary currencies, globalization, sustainability, chaos theory, neoliberalism

  • Gentle Action

    Gentle Action

    See also: Our Focus > Gentle Action The origin of the Pari Centers concern with ethics dates back to 1989 when David Peat was invited to give the keynote address […]

  • C.G. Jung

    C.G. Jung

    Carl Gustav Jung  (1875 –1961), was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology. His work has been influential in the fields of psychiatry, anthropology, archaeology, literature, philosophy, psychology, and religious […]

  • David Bohm

    David Bohm

    See also: Our Focus > David Bohm David Bohm was a physicist and thinker who proposed an alternative approach to the conventional version of quantum theory, as well as proposing […]

  • Psychology


  • Education and the Internet

    Education, Digital publishing, Global Universities, Future of the Universities, Use of the Internet, Copyright and Copyleft

  • Creativity


    Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is formed. The created item may be intangible (such as an idea, a scientific theory, a musical composition or a joke) or a […]

  • Culture, Philosophy and Science

    Education, Gentle Action, Music, Philosophy, Creativity, Development, Art and Science

  • Chaos Theory and its Applications

    Chaos Theory and its Applications

    Non-linear Systems, Chaos Theory, Post Modernism, Gentle Action

  • Metanexus Local Initiatives Program

    Metanexus Local Initiatives Program

    Dialogues in Science and Religion Between 2003 and 2005, the Pari Center was chosen for a three-year Local Initiatives Award from the Metanexus Institute and Templeton Foundation to encourage dialogues between science […]

  • Economics, Ethics and Globalization

    Economics, Ethics and Globalization

    Changing Economic Paradigms, Globalization, Diplomacy, The Welfare State, Philanthropy, Sustainability, Liberalism and Neo-liberalism, Development For many years, F. David Peat held discussions, via personal meetings and exchanges of emails and […]

  • Consciousness


    Consciousness is one of the last outposts of pure mystery in our understanding of the brain. Undoubtedly there is plenty to learn about how the brain’s physiology controls our bodies, […]