The Evolutionary Ascent of Consciousness

This is an excerpt from one of the presentations featured in the Pari Center’s event At the Edges of Consciousness, in Pari from June 6 to 13, 2023.

with Allan Leslie Combs

The future of human consciousness is indefinite in these troubled times. Nevertheless, in the big picture of human nature seen over time there seems to be an evolutionary urge toward increasing intelligence and a broadening awareness of our place in the cosmos. This urge is shown to be consistent with a larger picture of the evolution of the cosmos in which we live, and is supported by modern understanding of the physical nature of reality itself. Consistent with this, I explore modern ideas of human growth and transformation, including recommendations of how best to take advantage of these in our own individual lives.

Allan Leslie Combs (“Leslie”) is Professor of Consciousness Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where he is director of the Center for Consciousness Studies. He is author of over 250 publications, including The Radiance of Being, best-book award-winner of the Scientific and Medical Network; Consciousness Explained Better: An Integral Understanding of Consciousness; with Mark Holland, Synchronicity: In the Eyes of Science, Myth, and the Trickster; and with Ervin Laszlo, Thomas Berry: Dreamer of the Earth.

Professor Combs is the founder and President emeritus of the Society for Consciousness Studies, that recently bestowed him with a lifetime achievement award. He is also the recent founder of the Four-Rivers Institute in Ecuador.