Theories of Consciousness

Poster for the Pari Center's Theories of Consciousness series

A Pari Center Online Series

Theories of Consciousness:
Making sense of a field in revolt and revolution

Anna Ciaunica
Francesco Ellia
Matteo Grasso
Johannes Kleiner
Liad Mudrik
Maxwell Ramstead

Hosted by Francesco Ellia
Curated by Francesco Ellia and Alex Gómez-Marín

6-two-hour sessions every Saturday and Sunday

February 10 – 25, 2024 
9:00am PST | 12:00pm EST | 5:00pm GMT  |  6:00pm CET

All sessions are live and you will be sent the RECORDING.

The future of consciousness science is going through very interesting turbulent times. Three decades ago, the C-word was taboo in mainstream academia. Today, it is teeming with all sorts of approaches, techniques, and theories. Then, there wasn’t hardly any signal. Today, there is perhaps too much noise. Join us at the heart of consciousness science, as we delve into an in-depth exploration of the field’s trajectory from its nascent stages to its current state and future prospects. This online series is a unique opportunity to learn from and interact with some of the very minds currently leading the field forward.

Program of Event

Saturday February 10
The Philosophy of Consciousness Science
with Francesco Ellia 

Sunday February 11
Consciousness and the brain: comparing and testing neuroscientific theories of consciousness
with Liad Mudrik

Saturday February 17
Theories of Consciousness in a Structural Turn
with Johannes Kleiner

Sunday February 18
The bodily roots of conscious experiences in early life
with Anna Ciaunica

Saturday February 24
What (if anything) does the free energy principle teach us about consciousness? The inner screen model
with Maxwell Ramstead

Sunday February 25
Integrated Information Theory: methodology, foundations, explanations
with Matteo Grasso