Andrew Fellows

[block_title title=”From Other-than-Human Consciousness to the anima mundi”][/block_title]Andrew will introduce and screen The Animal Communicator (52 minutes) to challenge our assumptions about the uniqueness of human consciousness. He will then extend these considerations to invertebrates, to non-animal organisms (especially plants) and to matter conventionally viewed as inanimate. The emphasis throughout will be on evidence for, and experience of, non-physical phenomena beyond mere cognition, thereby offering opportunities for explanation from the theoretical viewpoints proposed by other presenters.Andrew Fellowsis a Jungian Analyst (AGAP/IAAP) with private practices in Bern and Zürich, a deep ecologist, and a writer. He holds a Doctorate in Applied Physics (Dunelm), and enjoyed two decades of international professional engagement with renewable energy, sustainable development and environmental policy before moving from the U.K. to Switzerland in 2001 to study Analytical Psychology. His special interests include the anima mundi, the mid-life transition, the new sciences, and the use of depth psychology to understand and address global collective and environmental problems, especially climate change and other aspects of the Anthropocene. His personal passions include nature, mountains and music, and he lives over three thousand feet above sea level in rural Switzerland without a car.

His lecture draws on many years of independent research and writing, from which he has presented his evolving ideas since 2007 at international conferences in England, Estonia, Japan, Switzerland and the U.S. in addition to teaching at ISAP Zurich. His first book, published by Routledge in March 2019, is Gaia, Psyche and Deep Ecology: Navigating Climate Change in the Anthropocene.