Beyond Bohm 2024 – Part One

Curated and Hosted by Lee Nichol

July 13 – 28, 2024

6-two-hour sessions

9:00am PDT | 12:00pm EDT | 5:00pm BST  |  6:00pm CEST

All sessions are live, and include Q & A, and all participants will receive the RECORDING.

Each session: Full Price €15, Member’s Discount €13.50
Series tickets available (see below).

Beyond Bohm 2024, Part 1

The Beyond Bohm series is oriented toward sharing unique and unusual perspectives that complement and amplify the work of David Bohm. Now in our fourth year, we are continuing that tradition with an array of new faces and presenters that we are especially excited about.

Our first weekend begins with some “basics”: a roundtable discussion of a foundational Bohm text, Thought as a System. We are pleased to welcome members of the David Bohm Society into this discussion. The following day, we will hear from Dr. Elizabeth Henderson, whose 40 years of work in early childhood education suggest multiple perspectives for establishing wholeness in human beings, from their earliest years. Dr. Henderson’s approach is that of autoethnography, wherein teacher and child cannot be considered in isolation of one another.

Our second weekend opens by taking us directly into the “deep time” geology of Dr. Marcia Bjornerud. Here we are asked to sense Earth through the fourth dimension of time, as a living, moving, process-oriented phenomenon. The next day, abstract artist Pam Harris shares with us the nature of her experience in contemplating scientific and philosophical questions, and how that experience translates to canvas.

Our third weekend continues the thread of artistic and scientific complementarity. Artist-engineer Cheryl Brant walks us through the unfolding of her own 40-year artistic process, and its culmination in questions of consciousness and the living world. Finally, closing out the series, Melissa Nelson (Turtle Mountain Chippewa / Métis) and friends will share indigenous perspectives on a variety of culturally-oriented issues and concerns. 

Every session will have openings for question / answer and discussion with presenters.

Program of Event

Saturday July 13
Thought as a System
with Matthew Capowski, Melissa Nelson, Igor Topilsky and Aja Bulla Zamastil

Sunday July 14
Inner Freedom and Early Childhood
with Elizabeth Henderson

Satruday July 20
Discovering the Deep Logic of Earth
with Marcia Bjornerud

Sunday July 21
Finding David Bohm – and Beyond
with Pam Harris

Saturday July 27
Science and Art: Squaring the Circle
with Cheryl Brant

Sunday July 28
Indigenous Perspectives
With Melissa Nelson and Friends

General information

All sessions will last for approximately 2 hours, and will be held over The session structure may vary from speaker to speaker, but in general participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of the presenter and in some cases there will be breakaway discussion groups. 

Each session will be hosted by a member of the Pari Center Team, to ensure that the call is running smoothly and assist anyone experiencing technical problems. 

All sessions will be recorded. The recordings will not include the possible breakout-room discussions, but only the speaker’s presentation, follow-up discussions and Q&A. If a participant does not feel comfortable being recorded, we invite that participant to turn off their video and audio throughout the session. These recordings are available to anyone who has purchased a ticket for an attended session, or for a session they have paid for but were unable to attend.