Beyond Bohm 2024 – Part Two

Curated and Hosted by Paavo Pylkkänen

August 4 – 25, 2024

6-two-hour sessions

9:00am PDT | 12:00pm EDT | 5:00pm BST  |  6:00pm CEST

All sessions are live, and include Q & A, and all participants will receive the RECORDING.

Each session: Full Price €15, Member’s Discount €13.50
Series tickets available (see below).

Beyond Bohm 2024, Part 2

After an introduction to Bohm’s physics, we will explore the relations between Russellian monism, William James’s radical empiricism and Bohm’s implicate order; some traditional and recent (e.g., Johanna Seibt’s) work on process philosophy and how it connects with Bohm’s ideas; the idea of quantum properties of matter as potentialities in Bohm’s early thought; the influence of Hegel on Bohm’s ideas about fragmentation and wholeness; and whether Bohm’s notion of active information is a candidate for a unifying notion
of information.

Every session will have openings for question / answer and discussion with presenters.

Program of Event

Sunday August 4
Introduction to Bohm’s Physics

Jonathan Allday

Sunday August 11
The Relations Between Russellian Monism, James’s Radical Empiricism and Bohm’s Implicate Order
William Seager

Saturday August 17
A Comparative Overview of Process Metaphysics and Substance Metaphysics & Indeterminate Concrete Individuals in Johanna Seibt’s General Process Theory

Samuli Isotalo and Thelma Nylund, with comments by Paavo Pylkkänen

Sunday August 18
Quantum Properties of Matter as Potentialities in Bohm’s 1951 Book Quantum Theory

Paavo Pylkkänen

Saturday August 24
Fragmentation and Wholeness: Bohm and G.W.F. Hegel
Boris Koznjak

Sunday August 25 
Is There a Unifying Notion of Information?  
Jens Allwood, with comments by Michael Richter and Paavo Pylkkänen

General information

All sessions will last for approximately 2 hours, and will be held over The session structure may vary from speaker to speaker, but in general participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of the presenter and in some cases there will be breakaway discussion groups. 

Each session will be hosted by a member of the Pari Center Team, to ensure that the call is running smoothly and assist anyone experiencing technical problems. 

All sessions will be recorded. The recordings will not include the possible breakout-room discussions, but only the speaker’s presentation, follow-up discussions and Q&A. If a participant does not feel comfortable being recorded, we invite that participant to turn off their video and audio throughout the session. These recordings are available to anyone who has purchased a ticket for an attended session, or for a session they have paid for but were unable to attend.