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Matthijs Cornelissen

Matthijs Cornelissen MD, was born in the Netherlands and studied Medicine and Psychology in Amsterdam. He is deeply interested in the work of Sri Aurobindo, and at 27, he moved to India where he has lived ever since. In the Delhi Branch of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram he helped to set up the Institute for Integral Education, Mirambika, and at present he teaches the psychological aspects of Sri Aurobindo’s work at SAICE in Pondicherry. He assisted with the publication of Sri Aurobindo’s Complete Works, and has written articles and book chapters on Sri Aurobindo’s contributions to Consciousness Studies and Psychology. He has also organised conferences, given workshops and lectures, and edited books on the same subject. He founded and maintains the websites of the Sri Aurobindo Centre for Consciousness Studies, the Indian Psychology Institute and Infinity in a Drop.

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Recovering the Sacred

November 5, 2022