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Paul Grof

Dr. Paul Grof is a Canadian research psychiatrist, clinician and administrator. In addition to his therapeutic and research work in North America and Europe, he has worked at the National Institute of Mental Health, USA, and as an Expert at the World Health Organization, Geneva (1985-2000), where he chaired the Committee on Psychotropic Substances.

He has been involved in transpersonal activities for six decades. He has utilized Holotropic Breathwork and psychedelics with clients suffering from severe mood disorders, meditators, and psychiatric residents.

Dr. Grof was a professor at several Canadian and European universities, and his last academic appointment was at the University of Toronto. Presently he is the director of the Ottawa Mood Disorders Center. For his research, Dr. Grof has received several international awards in the USA, Canada and Europe,

He has authored and co-authored 516 publications and three books.

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