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Robert Lawrence Kuhn

Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn is a public intellectual; he is the creator, writer, host and executive producer of Closer To Truth, the long-running PBS/public television series and leading global resource on Cosmos (cosmology/physics, philosophy of science), Consciousness (brain/mind, philosophy of mind), Life (philosophy of biology), and Meaning (theism/atheism/agnosticism, global philosophy of religion, critical thinking). See the Closer To Truth web resource (www.closertotruth.com), Closer To Truth YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/@CloserToTruthTV), and List of Closer To Truth episodes(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Closer_to_Truth_episodes). 

Dr. Kuhn has written or edited over 30 books, including The Mystery of Existence: Why is there Anything At All? (with John Leslie); Closer To Truth: Challenging Current Belief; Closer To Truth: Science, Meaning and the Future; The Library of Investment Banking; How China’s Leaders Think (featuring President Xi Jinping); The Man Who Changed China: The Life and Legacy of Jiang Zemin (China’s best-selling book in 2005 and in December 2022); “The Origin and Significance of Zero: An Interdisciplinary Perspective” (with Peter Gobets); and Xi Jinping’s New-Era China: The Inside Story (2024).

An international corporate strategist and investment banker, Dr. Kuhn is a recipient of the China Reform Friendship Medal, China’s highest award for 10 foreigners who contributed to China’s reform and opening up over four decades; only five are living; Dr. Kuhn is one of two Americans. He is a frequent commentator in the international media (BBC, CNN, etc.) and Chinese media. 

Dr. Kuhn is chairman of The Kuhn Foundation. He has a BA in Human Biology (Johns Hopkins), PhD in Anatomy/Brain Research (UCLA), and SM (MBA) in Management (MIT).

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