Wholeness, the Implicate Order, and the Future of Humanity

This is an excerpt from one of the presentations featured in the Pari Center’s event Science, Art and the Sacred, in Pari from August 29 to September 4, 2019.

with David Schrum

An Exploration into Subtle Mind

Perhaps no factor is more important to the future of planet Earth than human consciousness, as human beings now wield and continue to develop vast technological powers. What is to direct these forces? Will our future unfold through intelligence, in holistic perception? Will we break free from the limitations and the chaos of confused and fragmented understanding?

Visionary explorer David Bohm and others have discerned, each in his or her own way and words, key features of mind that meet this challenge: in Bohm’s terminology central are wholeness and the implicate (implicit, subtle, inner) order.

Through presentations and in dialogue, we will set out on a journey of exploration together to penetrate the subtle, hidden, implicate dimensions of mind, so that we may participate in unfoldment of the wholeness of humanity that lies deeply within each of us.

David Schrum received his PhD in quantum theory from Queen’s University, Canada (1971), after which he spent two years in post-doctoral studies with David Bohm at Birkbeck College, London. At Birkbeck, Schrum entered the world of Bohm’s creative and subtle philosophical approaches to physics, and of his enquiry into the structure of consciousness and what may lie beyond. He was also introduced to his professor’s interest in the philosopher J. Krishnamurti. David Schrum continues engagement in these areas.

From 1974 until retirement he taught at Cambrian College, Canada.

Present areas of focus: (philosophical) a new approach to scientific enquiry and understanding; (relational) dialogue as a process of shared enquiry into mind in its individual and collective dimensions; (mathematical) relativistic quantum theory derived from a new application of the quantum principle.