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An Introduction to Gregory Bateson’s Ecology of Mind

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March 23, 2022 @ 6:00 pm 8:00 pm CET

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An Introduction to Gregory Bateson’s Ecology of Mind

with Jon Goodbun

Wednesday March 23
10:00am PDT  | 1:00pm EDT  | 5:00pm GMT  |  6:00pm CET

Free Online Pari Dialogue

Jon Goodbun’s research focuses on ‘ecological thinking’—both in terms of how we think about ecological systems, and how ecological systems themselves think—drawing in particular on his extensive study of the work of the ecological anthropologist Gregory Bateson. In this talk Goodbun will introduce some of the history and thinking of this important theorist, drawing in particular upon some of the ideas contained within his first collection of essays: Steps to an Ecology of Mind, as well as his later synthesis: Mind and Nature—A Necessary Unity, and his final incomplete text, published after his death by daughter Mary Catherine Bateson, called Angels FearTowards an Epistemology of the Sacred, and will situate these ideas in relation to more recent research, and the wider research interests of the Pari Center.

On Wednesday March 23, Dr. Goodbun will open our monthly Community Call with a presentation and followed by discussion and Q&A.


Dr Jon Goodbun is mostly based in Athens, Greece where he runs Rheomode, a small experimental studio working and writing at the intersection of art, architecture, and ecological pedagogy, although he also contributes to the MA Environmental Architecture at the Royal College of Art in London and the architecture and landscape programmes at University College London. His 2011 PhD, ‘Critical Urban Ecologies: The Architecture of the Extended Mind,’ drew together thinking on ecological and complex systems theory, together with cognitive science and consciousness studies, in relation to aesthetic theory, spatial perception and ecological empathy, and he is currently working on a book called The Ecological Calculus, which builds on this work. He spent some time at the Pari Center in 2010, interviewing David Peat about his own work, and the work of his collaborator David Bohm (from whose work Goodbun borrowed the name ‘rheomode’ for his blog and studio!).


March 23, 2022
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm CET