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European Galileo Commission Symposium

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September 30, 2022 October 2, 2022 CEST

European Galileo Commission Symposium

Dates: September 30 – October 2, 2022

Venue: Pari, Italy

Price: 350.00 euros (This fee includes 3-night stay in private accommodation, all meals and sessions.)

Towards a Self-Reflexive, Interdisciplinary Science of Consciousness

 The first European Galileo Commission Symposium was to have taken place in September 2020 at Epidauros, the sacred sanctuary of Asclepius with its famous incubation portal, a gateway to healing dreams and visions – so necessary for our time. We intend to hold our 2023 symposium there.

This year’s meeting will be hosted by our friends in the hilltop Tuscan village of Pari by our friends at the Pari Center, founded by late Honorary SMN Member and close colleague/biographer of Prof. David Bohm FRS. You can find more details here. The meeting will be limited to 35 live participants on a first come first served basis. You will enjoy the best of local food and wine and of course the most convivial company!

The background to our symposium is the Galileo Commission Report, which explored many of the historical, social, political, psychological and philosophical constraints on widening the epistemological and ontological basis for a future science of consciousness.

A small meeting held in November 2019 as well as subsequent community presentations by Dr Joan Walton, Dr Athena Potari and Dr Vasilieios Basios have highlighted the corresponding career constraints on individual academics and scientists who would like to contribute to an expanded model of reality that does justice to both scientific theories and spiritual insights, outer and inner perspectives, quantitative analysis and qualitative synthesis, experimental and experiential practices. Our forthcoming book Spiritual Awakenings will share over 50 transformative experiences from scientists and academics.

A paper published in Paradigm Explorer 128 – A Galileo Moment – provides a constructive starting point for our Bohmian dialogue both in terms of process and planning/outcomes. We will not be inviting any keynote presentations from existing positions but we will rather structure the meeting in an atmosphere of mutual trust and openness as a symposium of like-minds and hearts in a spirit of co-creative participation and exploration.

This will maximise the possibilities in the field we create together for the arising of mutual openings out of diversity, for synchronicities, harmonics and resonances, and maybe even a few aha moments and breakthroughs. We will open up a space for you to dream bold new possibilities into being in a time of systemic global crisis.

Whether or not you can attend in person, we invite you to formulate in advance your current creative thoughts-poems-koans-images on the theme within a limit of 300 words (no such limits on images) to be posted on the Galileo Commission platform and circulated prior to the meeting. On Saturday and Sunday evenings we will host a live one-hour online reflective session as a further iteration of our process.

The cost of of the event is €350 and includes accommodation and all meals from Friday evening to Monday breakfast. If you would like to book extra nights either side of the meeting please email Eleanor Peat – eleanor@paricenter.com. For couples who are both attending the event, therefore sharing accommodation – the cost of the event is €275 each. This reduction will be applied when the balance is billed. For non-attending partners, there is a cost of €190 for accommodation and all meals.

We very much look forward to seeing some of you there is person!

With warm good wishes,

David Lorimer

Prof Marjorie Woollacott



For additional information about The Pari Center, you can check the PDF.


September 30, 2022
October 2, 2022