Pari Perspectives 9

September 2021


Pari Perspectives 9: Dualities – Digital Edition


In a world that seems to be becoming more and more polarized, we chose as our September 2021 issue the theme of ‘Dualities’ leading with a very thoughtful contribution from Robert Norris, ‘Inescapable Journeys: On Integrating the Dual and the Non-dual.’ Our other contributors discuss duality in a number of its manifestations; virtual reality/real reality, male/female, science/religion, political polarization, creativity as the meeting of Apollo and Dionysus, western science/indigenous ways of knowing, and even a look at England/France through the eyes of the great painters and writers of the 19th century.

A highlight of this issue is an essay by Richard Berengarten named DYAD which includes examples from his book of thirty-two image-poems—beautifulanagrammatic structures of experimental word-play designed by Will Hill, a typographer whose work is concerned with type, letters and the visual properties of language.

The ‘More Perspectives’ section features ‘Protest and the Political in Art’ as its theme, ranging from the Dadaists to Black Lives Matter and examines protest art from Mexico, the Middle East, the USA, the UK, China, Russia, and Nowhereisland.

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The Screen and the Soul: Virtual Reality, Real Reality, and How Things Are

Christopher Hauke

Inescapable Journeys: On Integrating the Dual and Non-dual

Robert Norris