Pari Perspectives 8

June 2021


Pari Perspectives 8: Synchronicity – Digital Edition


Welcome to issue 8 of Pari Perspectives. The theme of our June issue is ‘Synchronicity’.

Synchronicity, Mind and Matter’ was the theme of our March 2021 online series featuring such luminaries in the world of Synchronicity as Roderick Main, Leslie Allan Combs and Remo Roth who are all featured in this June issue of Pari Perspectives.

‘Synchronicity is like a door which springs open right before one’s eyes. Could it be said that, through that door, one is unexpectedly initiated into the mystery of life and reality, that one feels a numinous intimacy with the world of which one is a part?’ So writes Yuriko Sato, one of the presenters at Synchronicity: Mind and Matter, where synchronicity was thoroughly examined and many personal accounts given. This issue of Pari Perspectives combines essays from the presenters at our March event together with contributions from participants that include paranormal experiences thereby enriching the variety of perspectives offered on that which lies outside the orthodoxies of mainstream thought and science.

Our ‘More Perspectives’ section features two articles on music. 

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Synchronicity and Hermes the Trickster

Leslie Allan Combs

Meaning in Synchronicity

Roderick Main