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F. David Peat Videos

F. David Peat

F. David Peat Speaks about Language of Physics – Newtonian vs. Blackfoot World View

Language, the Newtonian world view, David Bohm’s Implicate order and the Blackfoot language and world view. The above interviews courtesy of Bodhisattva Productions, Ltd. – September 2013

F. David Peat on Non-Locality and the EPR Paradox

Courtesy of Bodhisattva Productions, Ltd.

F. David Peat on Quantum Theory

The interpretation of Quantum Theory. Courtesy of Bodhisattva Productions, Ltd

David Peat full Interview

Interview with Dr David Peat about ‘Wholeness and the Implicate Order’ which was authored by Dr David Bohm who did some extraordinary work on plasma.

Interview with David Peat on Synchronicity, David Bohm, Roger Penrose and Pari Center for New Learning

2012 – Jean-Francios Vezina

David Peat: Information Field


David Peat

Interview, 2010

David Peat 2

Interview, 2010

David Peat 3

Interview, 2010