Shantena Augusto Sabbadini

Shantena Augusto Sabbadini ( worked as a theoretical physicist at the University of Milan and at the University of California. In Milan he researched the foundations of quantum physics. In California he contributed to the first identification of a black hole. In the 1990s he was scientific consultant for the Eranos Foundation. In that context he studied Chinese classics and produced various translations and commentaries in Italian and English, including the I Ching, the Tao Te Ching, the Chuang Tzu and the Lieh Tzu. He has been associated with the Pari Center for 15 years and became director in 2017. His most recent books include Pilgrimages to Emptiness: Rethinking Reality through Quantum Physics, Pari Publishing, 2017, and Buchi neri (in Italian), Lindau, Turin, 2018.