Support the Pari Center

The future has an ancient heart.
Carlo Levi

The Pari Center was conceived as a haven of peace and gentle action in a world increasingly gripped by crisis and turmoil. It is a place dedicated to the idea of the wholeness of knowledge; the arts, science, ethical values, community and the sacred, all coming together within the ambience of a medieval village.

This year because of the global emergency we are unable to offer our annual seminars and events. Nor will we be able to re-activate our residential programme for people from the many disciplines who wish to work together or independently in a creative environment. All our activities are on hold until next year.

The Pari Center, a not-for-profit organization, could not exist without the generosity of our supporters, sponsors and friends. We are now asking if you would donate even a small amount that will help support us financially and enable us to continue our work through these difficult times.

We thank you sincerely. 

The Pari Center Team. 

We extend our sincere appreciation to all our supporters, sponsors and friends who continue to enable our work!