The Pari Center Book-a-Month Club

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An informal monthly get-together to discuss books of significance for the Pari Center community.

Each month we will meet with a guest presenter/moderator to discuss a book of their choice that probes important aspects of our focus—Physics and Philosophy, the work of David Bohm, Indigenous Ways of Knowing, Jungian Concepts, Gentle Action, Creativity, the Arts, Ethics, Community, the Sacred.

This series is LIVE and FREE. All registered participants will receive the RECORDING.

Upcoming Events

Thursday February 15, 2024 – Click to Register
Quantum Questions: Mystical Writings of the World’s Great Physicists edited by Ken Wilber
Host: Jonathan Allday

Tuesday, March 19, 2024 – Click to Register
Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse
Hosts: David Schrum and Caroline Pawluk