The Subtle Art of Mediumship: Effectively Communicating with Consciousness

This is an excerpt from one of the presentations featured in the Pari Center’s event At the Edges of Consciousness, in Pari from June 6 to 13, 2023.

with Tanya Sacramento

The mediumistic experience entails “blending” with a “Spirit Communicator”, the discrete discarnate consciousness of a person who once lived. Through the practise of mediumship we receive confirmation, time and again, that the consciousness of those who have passed survives death. Moreover, the thread of love and caring that runs through these communications, often felt by the medium, is a crucial component.

During a contact, memories from the medium’s life are often triggered; be they personal, from films, books, often subconscious. Thus, the Spirit Communicator displays an intelligence and ability to access the consciousness of the medium, in order to bring forth information. It is not a case of the medium dipping into a field, to pick up information from what lies there.

I will describe how the mediumistic experience works, the subtle nuances at play and how this is an ability that can be unfolded, even by people who have never thought themselves to be mediums.

Although mediumship may be considered a modality at the edges of consciousness, practising mediumship allows us to realise, through experience, that we are within and part of a greater tapestry of consciousness and that communication is but a breathe away.

Tanya Sacramento was a devout agnostic for most of her life until 2007, when she underwent a profound paradigm change, which  led to her dismantling her old life and self, and onto a personal journey of discovery. Although initially intrigued by possibilities such as past lives and psychic skills, she received the inner message, “Work on yourself first”, and so she did. She developed her intuition, for her own guidance, and connection with the Divine.

In 2017 she discovered Holotropic Breathwork and soon became deeply immersed in practising and working towards becoming a facilitator, but these plans were abruptly halted due to the pandemic. Following a series of synchronicities and her inner guidance, Tanya signed up for a psychic development course and soon after discovered her mediumistic abilities. This led to her fully immersing herself to unfold and practise both evidential and trance mediumship, as well as different psychic modalities. She has studied under numerous AFC tutors and internationally renowned mediums.