Visionary Cartography

poster for Pari Center's Longing for Wholeness

This is an excerpt from one of the presentations featured in the Pari Center’s event Longing for Wholeness, in Pari from August 27 to September 3, 2024.

I give you the end of a golden string 
only wind it into a ball

1. Create a Four-Fold Map of Golgonooza.

William Blake’s peaceful City of Art is fourfold. 

This workshop will enable you to apply William Blake’s Human compass of the imagination to create your own Zoa Map. You will be one of the Golden Builders’ creating a transportable visionary artefact of Golgonooza here in Pari.

Materials and methods:
Paper, folding, drawing, writing, any dream imagery and following the Golden String William Blake gives you.

2. Creating a Cosmos Globe.

All Things Exist in the Human Imagination

William Blake’s archetypal artist Los creates worlds. What does it mean to hold a Blakean World? We will each create one for this purpose. By being a Blakean Cosmographer we show an inner cosmos surface to an outer cosmos of creative connection where all living things are holy.

Materials and methods:
Paper, cutting, curling, sticking, nature observations and sky imagery  

Andrea McLean is an artist working with themes of Spiritual Mapping. She studied painting at Falmouth School of Art and the Slade followed by an Abbey Scholarship to the British School at Rome. Andrea was Artist in Residence in Gloucester Cathedral. At Bleddfa Art Centre, she created a circular painting about the cosmos. Exhibitions have included The Edge of Printing at the Royal Academy Keeper’s House, Mapping Inspirations at Hereford Cathedral, and Andrea’sMappa Mundi, a circular canvas stretched over a Bell-Wheel, is on display at the British Library. A Map of William Blake’s Life & Visions, painted by Andrea, is published by The Blake Society. Andrea is a faculty tutor at the Royal Drawing School where she co-leads courses on Mapping, Mythology and William Blake’s London.