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Science, Art, and the Sacred: Multiple Universes

August 27 - September 2

Parallel Worlds in Quantum Physics, Cosmology and Imagination

with Bernard Carr, Alison MacLeod, Tim Maudlin, Jocelyne Robinson, Simon Saunders, Paul Tappenden and Jean François Vézina.

Chaired by Shantena Sabbadini


Is the universe we live in unique? What lies beyond the boundaries of the universe we see? Was the process that gave birth to our universe – the Big Bang –a singular event or are universes bubbling up all the time? Do we exist in different worlds and live parallel lives?

Such notions would have seemed outrageous a few decades ago: surprisingly, as evidence begins to converge from different directions, they are close to becoming scientific orthodoxy.

The Nobel laureate Murray Gell-Mann described a key motive in the evolution of scientific thought as “jettisoning excess baggage”. Ideas that were previously accepted as absolute truth (e.g. the idea that the Earth sits at the center of the cosmos) were later seen to be relative and simply a consequence of our particular perspective. Are we today on the edge of another such radical enlargement of our perspective by abandoning the notion of a single universe?

In this Pari Dialogue we will explore the idea of multiple universes (and multiple selves) in science, literature, film, science fiction, etc.

This will be an informal meeting with presentations by experts followed by roundtable discussions.

The cost of the event is 1400 euros. The event fee includes 6 night stay in private accommodation and all meals. It also includes activities, materials and teaching sessions. The event starts on Thursday August 27 at 19:00 with dinner and ends on Wednesday September 2 after lunch.

Please make a non-refundable deposit of 200 euros at the time of registration. All deposits will be returned in full if the event is canceled because of low registration. The balance of 1200 euros must be received four weeks before the commencement of the event, before July 30, 2019. The balance of the event can not be refund if you decide to cancel your attendance after August 13, two weeks before the commencement of the event.


The Multiverse: Linking Matter and Mind and Stretching the Limits of Science
Bernard Carr





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August 27
September 2
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