Flickering Reality – Free Online Event Saturday January 30

Flickering Reality: Exploring Ideas in Film and Television


Flickering Reality is a free monthly get-together for the Pari Community to explore films, documentaries and TV series that are thought-provoking, philosophical, and take risks. Join us for presentations followed by discussion. All ideas and suggestions for future get-togethers are welcome.

Horror and the Role of Terror:
The Antithesis of Being Glad to Be Alive
with Christopher Hauke

Saturday January 30, 2021
at 9:00 am PST  |  12:00 pm EST  |  6:00 pm CET

Would Christianity have taken off as successfully if Christ had been imprisoned and died out of sight? The horrific image of a nearly naked man, nailed to a cross and bleeding from his hands, feet, forehead and stomach has had greater impact. What is the relationship between horror, its images and the sublime?

From the ancient through the mediaeval to Victorian and contemporary forms of the genre, horror, and terror, have been used to impress upon us the frailty of humanity and, often, the value of a spiritual alternative. In one era, the paintings of Bosch or the original German folk tales could terrify their audience, while in the present day the horror film and its digital game equivalent offer a corresponding function.

Jung was aware of how myth and archetypal imagery took on modern forms when included in contemporary visual media—and yet the psychological impact remained. Jung maintained that evil was a real entity in the world.  In their stories, horror writers and filmmakers rely on such an assumption. Christopher Hauke will be discussing a Jungian perspective on horror, the sublime and the role of terror with wide-ranging examples from literature and especially film. You may want to keep the light on…

This series is free and open to everyone! Join our Zoom meeting via the following link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81879261698








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