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Jean-François Vezina

The Hilbert Hotel: A Psycho-Philo-Poetic Game for Exploring the Multiverse

Welcome to The Hilbert Hotel. The Hilbert Hotel is a guest house with infinite rooms where you can explore the multiverse and experience encounters with different forms of life.

In this three-hour visit, we will explore three rooms that will introduce three archetypical dimensions of the multiverse: Energy, Vibration and Frequency.

  1. Room of Star Wars (For learning more about the Energy that is called the Force in Star Wars, and its light and dark polarities.)
  2. Room Ready Player One (For exploring the dimension of vibration called Space in the Spielberg movie Ready Player One and its two levels: Real and Virtual Space.)
  3. Room Arrival (We will visit this room to learn more about the Frequency dimension of the universe called Time and its multiples expressions through the notion of language and information.)

This psycho-philo-poetic game is inspired by 20 years of research in Vézina’s 7 books and continued in the article: ‘The Space of Time’ published  in JIMIS in French, see: https://jimis.episciences.org/6088?fbclid=IwAR1azJvwjoUw4pKCnSYarm_U5yXULCtANS4aE0ZhrVly2y-bxu6GXkCecwI

Jean-François Vézina is a clinical psychologist in Quebec and author of six books including Necessary Chances: Synchronicity in the Encounters That Transform Us (Pari Publishing). He was president of the Jungian society of Quebec for seven years and the animator and producer of the radio show Projections: Psychology and Cinema about symbols in the movies. He is also an international lecturer and a musician. www.jfvezina.net/