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From their respective disciplines, Bohm and Jung discovered underlying and hidden orders that structure the world around us. In Jung’s case, the archetypes or structuring principles of the collective unconscious can never be touched directly. They appear only through their manifestations in the consciousness and personal unconscious. In Bohm’s care, one infers the implicate through its various manifestations and unfoldings into the explicate. Reality, Bohm felt, is close to the implicate order. Aspects of the implicate order constantly unfold into the explicit forms we see around us—the explicate order—and then fold back again.

David Peat


There is still time to sign up for the programme. The first two sessions are available as recordings to all those who have signed up (just send in a request) and for any latecomers who wish to join us.

Synchronicity, Mind and Matter

February 13 – March 7, 2021

with Allan Combs, Roderick Main, Cruz Manas Sabbadini, Mathew Mather, Remo Roth, Shantena Sabbadini, Yuriko Sato, Jean-Francois Vezina and special guest, poet Richard Berengarten

Do you remember an occasion in your life in which outer circumstances mirrored one another or mirrored your inner state in a striking manner? Did it seem an utterly unlikely coincidence, a kind of magic? Such circumstances were called by C.G. Jung ‘synchronicities,’ and were deemed particularly significant, perhaps even the expression of a common ground of mind and matter, psyche and world, of a unus mundus.

Each session in the series Synchronicity, Mind and Matter will be presented by a distinguished speaker who has spent his/her life deeply immersed in Jungian thought and in particular the notion of Synchronicity. Individual sessions will be devoted to the exploration of these special events, of synchronicities as revelation, as epiphany, sometime turning points in a lifetime. They will also investigate various forms of divination, which can be regarded as ‘inviting synchronicity,’ in that the outcome of the divinatory enquiry is assumed to mirror the larger circumstances and the question being asked.

Two sessions will involve a concrete experience of divination using the I Ching, an ancient Chinese oracle over 3000 years old, which the Chinese considered a complete map of ‘heaven and earth.’ The participants will be invited to do their own I Ching consultation on an issue that is relevant in their life at the moment and will be guided throughout. The answer will come, the Chinese used to say, by ‘rolling the words of the oracle in one’s heart.’

We had our first two sessions of Synchronicity, Mind and Matter last weekend with two very different approaches from our presenters. Remo Roth spoke in depth of his method of creative development that eventually led him to what he calls ‘Synchronicity Quest’—how one can transform consciousness to observe synchronicities. Jean-François Vézina in a very creative multi-media presentation examined the encounters in our lives that transform us and the role of these Trickster’s messengers that lead us to a new threshold—but leave us to cross alone.

We are looking forward to the next sessions that will include Synchronicity and the Reanimation of the Physical World; Synchronicity from the unique perspective of a Japanese Jungian; an interactive I Ching weekend; the Tarot and Synchronicity; and an examination of the Trickster archetype hidden in every human psyche.

All sessions are live, recordings will be available for any sessions you can not attend.

Flickering Reality: Exploring Ideas in Film and Television

Flickering Reality is a free monthly get-together for the Pari Community to explore films, documentaries and TV series that are thought-provoking, philosophical, and take risks.

May the Force Be with Us:
The Archetype of the Hieros Gamos in the Star Wars Mythology

Sunday March 14, 2021
at 9:00 am PST  |  12:00 pm EST  |  6:00 pm CET

Those who saw Jean-François Vézina’s presentation during our Synchronicity series will know that a fun, creative and exuberant session awaits us in the Flickering Reality series on March 14.

Jean-François Vézina, a Jungian psychologist, author and musician from Québec, will be looking at the full spectrum of archetypical dynamics in the Star Wars series. The core of the last episode of the series contains a great expression of the archetype of the Hieros Gamos that Jung and Pauil talked about in their correspondences. Facing the dark side of fear, symbolised by the Star Wars’ character Palpatine and experienced in our times with Covid-19, we need to be courageous and imaginatives in the reconciliation of our opposites, and Star Wars offers a great path to this collective and personal individuation. Jean-François will divide his presentation into four 20-minute parts leaving plenty of time for community Q&A and discussion.

  • ‘May the Force be with me’.  (Trilogy 1-3) Egotic dimension of the Force
  • ‘May the Force be with you’ (Trilogy 4-6) Heroic dimension of the Force
  • ‘May The Force be with us’  (Trilogy 7-9) Hiero Gamic dimension of the Force.
  • ‘Baby Yoda, a symbol of the sacred child’
This series is free and open to everyone! Join our Zoom meeting via the following link:

Free Monthly Essay

Pari Perspectives 6
In Memoriam: David Bohm 1917-1992

Bucking the Tide of Modern Physics

An interview John Briggs and F. David Peat conducted with David Bohm in 1987—reprinted in December’s Pari Perspectives, now free to all.

Briggs/Peat: Can you recall when you first experienced the sense of the wholeness that you now express as the implicate order?

Bohm:  When I was a boy a certain prayer we said every day in Hebrew contained the words to love God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. My understanding of these words, that is, this notion of wholeness—not necessarily directed toward God but as a way of living—had a tremendous impact on me. I also felt a sense of nature being whole very early. I felt internally related to trees, mountains, and stars in way I wasn’t to all the chaos of the cities.

When I first studied quantum mechanics, I felt again that sense of internal relationship—that it was describing something that I was experiencing directly rather than just thinking about. 

Read this Free Essay Now:

Pari Perspectives
The Common Good

March 2021

Pari Perspectives will be available to all our members free of charge in early March. The theme of this issue is ‘The Common Good.’ There is no doubt that the Covid-19 virus has broadcast a message to us loud and clear ‘We are all in this together.’ The question now is ‘How do we proceed?’ As far back as 1987, Thomas Berry was telling us ‘It’s all a question of story. We are in trouble just now because we do not have a good story. We are in-between stories. The Old Story—the account of how the world came to be and how we fit into it—is not functioning properly, and we have not learned the New Story.’

In ‘The Common Good’ read about the communities that are trying to respond appropriately to the complex situation we find ourselves in—the pandemic, climate change, poverty and inequality, conflict, political polarization—and the people who trying to write the New Stories.

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The Great Re-Think with Colin Tudge
April 17 and 24, 2021

Hosted by The Pari Center, the Scientific and Medical Network,
and the College for Real Farming and Food Culture

No-one who is half-way alert needs telling (do they?) that the world is in a terrible mess on every front: ecological, political, economic, social, personal. We need not and surely must not give up, for if we do then the mess really will be terminal. But at this late hour, can we, realistically, turn things around?In his latest book, The Great Re-Think (named Book of the Year by the Scientific and Medical Network) Colin Tudge argues that we can—but that to do this we need re-think everything that we take for granted and to re-think everything in the light of everything else; and, where necessary, re-structure.

Colin will be discussing the whole thesis with expert guests, and invites all participants to join in a lively discussion, ask questions or add comments.

The programme consists of four webinars on two Saturdays, April 17 and 24, 2021.
Stay tuned for more information!!

7th Global Conference of the International Center for Cultural Studies (ICCS)

The Pari Center is honoured to be invited to participate in the 7th Global Conference of the International Center for Cultural Studies (ICCS) on Saturday February 20. This will be an online event exploring the theme ‘Ancient Cultures: Championing Humanity.’ Our associate director, Godelieve Spaas, who is Professor of New Economies at Avans University in the Netherlands, will represent us.

For more information:


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