David Bohm Summer Series

Pari Online Summer Series

Infinite Potential: Exploring the Life and Work of David Bohm


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Saturday and Sunday from July 12 – August 23 at
9:00am PDT  | 12:00pm EDT  |  6:00pm CEST


This summer we are offering a unique opportunity to take part in an exploration of Bohm’s life and ideas. Join us online for a series of presentations by former colleagues of David Bohm and scholars of his work. Each session will allow time for audience participation in the form of dialogue, discussion and Q&A.

The presenters will examine the many facets of Bohm’s life and work—from the point of view of physics, philosophy, wholeness, implicate and explicate orders, holomovement, consciousness, dialogue, language and the rheomode, interaction with the Blackfoot, his relationship and dialogues with J. Krisnamurti.


Speakers Include
Chris Dewdney, Olival Freire Jr., Basil HileyPaul HowardLeroy Little BearBeth MacyDavid MoodyLee NicholGlenn Aparicio ParryPaavo PylkkänenShantena Augusto Sabbadini, David C. SchrumJan Walleczek

For more information: https://paricenter.com/event/infinite-potential-exploring-the-life-and-work-of-david-bohm/

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World Premiere Screening

of The Director’s Cut of Infinite Potential 

David Peat’s long-term dream was to produce a documentary about his colleague and friend David Bohm. Now, with the support of the Fetzer Foundation, the Mind and Life Institute, director Paul Howard and Imagine Films, and the Pari Center Community, the dream has finally been realised. Pari was the birthplace of the film, and many of the interviewees were filmed here in the village, so it is an honour for us to present the long-awaited documentary.

Saturday July 11 at
9:00am PDT  | 12:00pm EDT  |  6:00pm CEST

This is free and open to everyone

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Panel Discussion and Live Q&A

Following the film, we invite you to join us for a panel discussion and live Q&A with the director and key interviewees from the film.

David Lorimer
Program Director of Scientific and Medical Network
Editor, Paradigm Explorer

Paul Howard,
 Director and Producer
Basil Hiley, Quantum Physicist and Professor Emeritus, University of London, UK
Leroy Little Bear, Blackfoot Native, Professor Emeritus University of Lethbridge, Canada
Lee Nichol, Editor and Educator

For more Information: https://paricenter.com/event/infinite-potential-the-life-and-ideas-of-david-bohm-screening-of-directors-cut/






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