Infinite Potential– Summer Series

poster for Infinite Potential: Exploring the Life and Work of David Bohm – Summer Series

Join us for one or all of our two-hour sessions
Saturday and Sunday from July 12–August 23 at 9:00am (PDT)/12:00pm (EDT)/6:00pm (CEST).

This summer we are offering a unique opportunity to take part in an exploration of Bohm’s life and ideas. Join us online for a series of presentations by former colleagues of David Bohm and scholars of his work. Each session will allow time for audience participation in the form of dialogue, discussion and Q&A.

The presenters, many of whom were interviewed in the Infinite Potential documentary, will examine the many facets of Bohm’s life and work—physics, philosophy, wholeness, implicate and explicate orders, holomovement, consciousness, dialogue, language and the rheomode, interaction with the Blackfoot, his relationship and dialogues with J. Krisnamurti.

Program of Event

Sunday July 12
Infinite Potential: A Filmmaker’s Journey into the World of David Bohm
with Paul Howard

Saturday July 18
David Bohm in the 1940s: Science, Scientific Style, and Political Engagement
with Olival Freire Jr.

Sunday July 19
Quantum Trajectories and the Nature of Wholeness in David Bohm’s Quantum Theory
with Chris Dewdney

Saturday July 25
How does the Classical World Emerge from the Implicate Order?
with Basil Hiley

Sunday July 26
Laozi and the Implicate Order: Wholeness in Daoism and Quantum Physics
with Shantena Augusto Sabbadini

Saturday August 1
The Blackfoot Worldview, Language and David Bohm
with Leroy Little Bear

Sunday August 2
Recovering Coherency in Politics and Society Through Dialogue
with Glenn Aparicio Parry

Saturday August 8
Insight and Illusion in Bohmian Psychology
with David Moody

Sunday August 9
Understanding Quantum Reality and Consciousness
with Paavo Pylkkänen

Saturday August 15
Tracing the Story of David Bohm and Dialogue 
with Beth Macy

Sunday August 16
Beyond Dialogue
with Lee Nichol

Saturday August 22
Beyond the Known Dimension: A Journey into David Bohm’s Implicate Order
with David Schrum

Sunday August 23
Nonlocality, Interconnectedness, and the Quantum Observer
with Jan Walleczek